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Philosophy and Working Method

Our philosophy in order to create success is based on three elements. "Do your  homework, think coherent and ensure active participation”. Quite often costly mistakes can be easily avoided when the homework is done  properly. Problems like inadequate price and margin structures, a substandard  logistical proposition, non-performing sales and distribution partners and many more  can be avoided if the international strategy is properly prepared.  Every (international) marketing & sales effort should be a coherent part of an overall  corporate strategy resulting in a structured support that is strongly embedded in the  organization. Many times commercial initiatives either fail because they are not  carried by the entire organization or are simply in conflict with other objectives,  policies or interests within the organization. Coherent thinking will prevent creating  an organizational minefield.  Regardless of the size and description of the project we believe that active client  participation from all staff members that need to be involved or will become involved  at some stage is critical to reach the desired objectives. Therefore not only  executives and managers must actively engage in the project but also the  participation of other staff members who in one way or another will be confronted  with the project is required. This participation gives the opportunity to transfer  knowledge, create understanding and a willing platform to develop and carry out the  strategy.


In order to be successful in the various assignments it is unavoidable and sometimes 

essential for MCSM Services to have access to confidential company information. 

Keeping our client’s confidential information confidential is critical to their and 

subsequently our success. We therefore adhere to the following confidentiality 

commitment with all our clients: 

“MCSM Services herewith certifies that any and all records, data, design 

specifications, processes, information, customer lists, price lists, discount schedules, 

or trade secrets of any nature that are not in the public domain relating to our 

clients, shall be considered confidential. Neither MCSM Services or any of it’s staff 

members will disclose or use any of client’s  trade secrets as described above or other

confidential information until the moment that this information has become part of 

the public domain through other sources than MCSM Services unless MCSM Services or

one of her staff members are required to disclose information by a court order in 

which case our client will be pre-informed prior to disclosing any information”. 

  Leading the way to your success
“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now". Alan Lakei – US well-known author on personal time management
 “Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal”    Edward Louis Cole – American Author