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"History never looks like history when you are living through it"

John W. Gardner - American Author

In September 1995 Roland van Marlen founded the company as MMR International at which time  the primary focus was international marketing research. After a couple of years we were asked  more and more to also assist in the implementation of the strategies that were developed  together with and based upon the research of MMR International. As a result of the hands-on  experience with these activities the total portfolio of services grew quite quickly. Next to the growth in services also the conviction grew to always work towards a coherent  approach in which all the elements of an international corporate strategy should be safely  embedded in the organization. Experience also proved that a coherent approach supported by  the entire organization delivers the best results. For this reason the involvement of MMR  International quite often also stretched out to other disciplines within the client’s organization.  In 2007 Sandra Bryan a professional system engineer joined the organization adding a whole  new set of skills to the company. As a result of these new services and to also appeal to a new  customer base it was decided in 2009 to rename the company to MCSM Services.  MCSM Services offers you more than 20 years of experience in International Marketing & Sales  and IT and has a proven track record of energizing and expanding businesses internationally.  Please contact us  to see what value MCSM Services can add to your business! 
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